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What are the benefits of coaching

... and how does it differ from consulting or therapy

Coaching offers a number of benefits and advantages

Enhanced self-awareness

Greater awareness of how others experience you

Becoming aware of and learning to manage your emotional triggers

Ability to be more present

Build self-confidence

Manage conflict more effectively

Stress reduction

Improved communication skills

Professional coaching is a partnership of equals centered on the coaching client.

Coaching relies on the resourcefulness of the client to create his or her own solutions for change.

Coaching is a sequential process that can consist of clarifying purpose, values, beliefs, skills, options, designing goals/plans, and encouraging taking action within a supportive relationship.

Coaching is designed to help focus on untapped talents and energy in order to become more effective and productive, both personally and professionally.

Coaching is most effective when communication is open and honest.

There is a big difference between consulting and coaching. In a typical consulting engagement, you are paying a consultant to have the right answers and to tell you “what to do”. As a client, you pay a consultant for their expertise so they can give you answers and advice.

My experience as a coach is in partnering with you to discover your own “right answers”. While I have a wide range of business, marathoning, nutrition and life experiences, only YOU know your situation best and can make relevant decisions. The value I bring as a coach is about helping you see what has been invisible to you and to help you make personal changes that you thought were not possible. I partner with you to guide you in achieving your specific goals, consistent with your values and your journey to become the best version of yourself.

Coaching is not therapy; therapy focuses on healing a past psychological injury or trauma of some sort, whereas coaching is more about achieving future success-state. Coaching’s focus is on moving forward as opposed to healing the past.

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