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My goal is to make a difference in people's lives through the healing power of touch, here are stories from some people who's lives I've touched:


Julia has been working with me for a year using Thai massage. She is highly skilled and deeply therapeutic. Massage has been part of my life for many years and I have been to many professionals. Julia is truly exceptional. 

L.K. PhD


"Julia is an excelllent Massage Therapist with a proficient knowledge of the body and an excellent understanding of the marathoner's needs."

David Walker LMT

I value her knowledge of care beyond massage which she offers generously. Could not recommend her more highly!

I called Julia crying in pain - my right calf was a mess, I could barely walk, and I was only 9 weeks out from an ultra halfway around the world. She and her magic hands worked miracles on me - and I'm writing his a few hours after completing a pain free ten mile training run with three weeks left to go before the the race, and feeling confident and excited about my trip and my run.

Julia is hands on (ha) in every way -- she always checked up on me after each treatment and offered tons of advice and guidance. She's always a pleasure to work with and chat with, and knows tons about running and injury prevention. She's very sweet but will work you very
hard if that what you want and need, and she's great about respecting limits.

I would recommend Julia to anyone, runner or not, who needs help.

Cortney Harding: Marathoner


I first witnessed Julia's skills when she was able to take a runner friend of mine with an ankle that hurt so much that she doubted she could run the marathon she had that weekend and one session later she was feeling good enough to run the full marathon, which she did and her ankle didn't bother her.  I knew right then that I needed to see her!  Fast frwd a year and my hips and hamstrings are killing me.  Running is painful and I had pulled out of the marathon I was training for.  I had seen a chiropractor and had been working on strength, but nothing seemed to be getting better.  I decided to go see Julia and have her work on me.  After one session where she really worked on my hips, I had my first pain free run in months.  It was magical.  While there is no guarantee that massage will fix your running pain, it is absolutely worth seeing if Julia can help.  Her knowledge and skill have certainly helped me and many of my friends.  Go and see her!

Teri Smith: Ultramarathoner, Event photographer


"Julia is special. Trained by a blind Thai Therapist, she "sees" with her hands and delivers treatments that are amazingly special. Plus, her kind and tender character is a blessing to be around. Cherish your opportunities to experience her loving gifts!"

Gregory Milbourne ~ Marathoner


Julia's Thai massage, which I received 2 days before running a 100 mile race, was the most awesome and effective physical therapy I've had in 40 years of being a martial artist and marathon runner. Her expertise on anatomy is impressive. Her soothing and reassuring words complemented the session into a holistic refreshment for body, mind and soul. It played an essential role in reaching a sub-24 hour finish in my first 100 miler.

Juergen Englerth: Ultramarathoner & Martial Arts Master


Before my experience (s) with Julia, I wasn't a big fan of massage; basically because I would spend the days after sore, and actually waiting to recover from the massage, which I never found helpful as I moved forward. My life has since changed.  I would describe Julia as an injury identifier, healing and a treatment specialist by way of massage and yoga stretching!  After many years of physical abuse that I have put my body through, I have finally found the answer to getting it back to doing what it is meant to do - PERFORM!! That answer was JULIA ... everything from swimming, biking, running, to weight lifting has become more enjoyable and more productive; even sleeping is easier! I look forward to a continued working relationship with Julia; her professionalism, skill set, experience, friendship and overall outlook and approach to life is top shelf!

Rob Gibbons, NYPD (retired), former competitive bodybuilder, power lifter, longtime endurance and multi sport athlete, and Ironman.  


Thanks you Julia Khvasechko for the most awesome deep tissue massage which helped keep me on track in 2013. It was a real pleasure to meet up with such an inspiring woman with an awesome marathon track record herself and the bling to prove it! Julia is one of the best massage therapists in the business because she understands what it takes as a fellow marathon and ultra athlete herself. I recommend every marathoner sign up well in advance should you ever be in New York, New York or heading towards the ING New York City Marathon because she is that good.

Trent Morrow aka Marathon Man


Where do runners go when they hurt or need to heal? Last weekend, before the NYC Marathon, I got amazing physical, emotional and spiritual solace from the wonderfully healing hands and presence of Julia Khvasechko. I highly recommend her massage services to anyone in the Portland OR, or NYC,  or an areas lucky enough to catch her around one of the many marathons and half marathons that she runs every year.

Gregory Milbourne, Psychologist, Marathoner, Pacer


Julia works wonders!!!! I was running a series of marathons in the Northeast. I had just gotten off at JFK after 10 hours in airplanes. My legs were a mess. Julia was able to put me back together so I could run my first marathon in the series…where the heat index was around 102. Needless to say, that took a little out of me. No problem. After the marathon, Julia did more work and gave me some yoga stretches to do. End of the week, 4 marathons and two half marathons later, still able to run. Couldn't have done that without Julia's help. Thanks a lot!!! Julia does great work!!! You won't be disappointed!!

Glen Marumoto, Marathoner


"Julia, your massages bring my body such harmony. No doubt that I feel good this week because of my massage with you last week. Thank you"

Gayle Striar Herman, Marathoner


"Oh Julia, You have no idea. I think it was definitely your massage that made my legs feel so great post race!"

Jill Hennessy, Marathoner


"Julia has spoiled me for other massage therapists.  I believe she is truly gifted.  She takes the time to find the exact tension points in my body, and often where I don't realize the tension is.  It is almost like she knows my body better than I do after a session.  Every massage I have had since working with her has paled in comparison."

Meg Braun: Singer, Songwriter, marathoner.


"Julia is a wonderful person and amazing massage therapist! She is quite knowledgeable about all muscles that make up your body, and was able to properly assess my trouble spots and ease the tension in my shoulders, hips, and feet regions through her deep tissue bodywork. Not only did she ease the stiffness and tension in my body, she also carefully explained to me the functions of these muscles and provided me with preventative exercises and stretches to strengthen my weak hamstring muscles. She provides a unique perspective, being an avid marathon and ultra runner herself, she is quick to pick up on any running / sports related overuse injuries. I highly recommend her services for maintenance for your body or to alleviate any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing due to sports-related issues. Immediately after my session, I could feel the lessening of tension and my body feeling more relaxed. If you are a fellow runner like me, please strongly consider making an appointment with Julia"

Hideki Kinoshita: Marathoner & Ultramarathoner


"Julia is one of the best massage therapists out there. I have had massages all over the globally, as a traveling athlete I take great care to seek out skilled therapists.
Julia is so knowledgeable about the body; her detailed understanding about the runner’s body in particular is clearly evident in her amazing hands. She does an excellent job at creating enough warmth to loosen tight muscles, stimulate the circulatory system, and then uses pinpoint precision to find the spot(s) in need of attention. I would highly recommend her Thai massage to any athlete. Julia's massage make my life better!"

Joel Matalon: Ironman Triathlete, Marathoner, personal trainer, Chi Running Coach.
Owner Joefitness World , Little Joe Fitness


"I received a Thai massage from Julia and it was as relaxing as one could hope for. My body melted under her expert touch and her soothing voice put me at ease as she silently moved around to stretch and knead all the tight spots away. My wish is that it would last all day! I would definitely recommend Julia's services to anyone who needs to relieve a bit of stress, which would be all of Manhattan!"

Caveni Wong : runner, blogger


“It was truly a pleasure receiving a massage from You. I slept amazingly last night. Thank you so much not only for loosening my body but for explaining to me some human anatomy, sharing with me parts of your journey, taking a genuine interest in my life, and most of all infusing the massage session with wisdom and mindfulness”

Rebecca Chad, Grad Student


"Julia is an excellent massage therapist.  She has an excellent understanding of the body, particularly muscles used while running and cycling.  I had surgery on my ankle which was still bothering me while running and cycling.  Julia worked her magic on my ankle, in an attempt to release the scar tissue that had built up.  Her massages are relaxing but when needed, she will successfully work on injured areas throughout the body to help in speeding up recovery time."

Sage Schoenfeld: Esq.

'Julia gave a fantastic Thai massage! This was my first Thai massage and I really appreciated her instructions about body movements and she was very conscious of my comfort level. Julia also gave me some great feedback about how to stretch and take care of myself while working out to help prevent muscle soreness and aches in the future. I highly recommend her!'

Erin Ward: LAc, MS, LMT 

"I am a triathlete and a marathoner.  Julia gave me a Thai Massage post the NYC marathon.  After Julia's massage I was loose and pain free for days.  I have had many massages but I've never had a massage where the benefits lasted as long. I recommend Thai massage to all athletes"

 Marci Glotzer

"Julia is one of the best Massage Therapists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is a nurturing soul and genuinely listens to your concerns.  She made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the start.  Her goal is healing the individual, not just an alignment.  She has excellent body awareness and knows what is necessary to promote healing.   I am a long distance runner and consider myself a serious athlete.  I train daily and need very strong hands to work on my over used and very tight muscles.  Julia has a wonderful sense of touch and excellent deep tissue techniques.  Her knowledge of the body and how it works is unequivocal.   She has very strong confident hands and yet a gentle and therapeutic touch at the same time.  She has a knack at giving you an amazing massage, making you feel soothed and relaxed while you are getting a very intense deep tissue massage right where you needed it most. I highly recommend her work and style to anyone, athletes or otherwise."

JC: L.Ac., L.M.T

"I would absolutely visit Julia again, I felt great after our session!  She was professional, explained her process and really took the time to understand my training, injuries and needs.  Thanks to her, I was able to keep some nagging pains at bay and complete my first IRONMAN!"

Susan P.  


"I find Julia's unique blend of massage therapy and yoga to be the most worthwhile investment I have ever made in myself. "

Gabrielle Stein


Julia came to my attention last August on recommendation of a friend.  I had been suffering from stress fractures (healed by then), a laberal tear (permanent), hip issues, and newly acquired tendonitis.  Julia came to my home three times over the course of three weeks, and I was up and running (conservatively of course) by the second week.  I call her my miracle worker, I listened to what she instructed me to do, and followed it to a T and was able to successfully train for my first half marathon since my 17 month bout with injury! 
Just last week, I developed an impinged nerve in my left foot one week before the NYC Half.  I immediately thought to contact Julia for her sage wisdom, and she was able to fit me in for a 90 minute session two days before my race.  She has an innate ability to sense what is wrong with my body, work it out, and then give me instructions to maintain it.  Again, a miracle worker.
I ran the NYC half marathon this past Sunday, and got my 4:50 PR.  I honestly don't think I could've done it without Julia's help!

Rebecca Hirschklau: Half Marathoner & future Marathoner


"I have known Julia for years and have been lucky enough to have her work on my bad shoulder.  Her amazing skills have made it so that I can avoid having to have surgery and her massages have helped reduce the pain and increase my Range of Motion.  If you are an athlete, or just plain active, you are in need of a good massage therapist; I highly recommend Julia."

Brett Schilkraut: Client Relationship Manager

"Julia introduced me to the wonderful world of Thai Massage! I am an avid runner and often have problems with tight hamstrings and calves. The Thai massage that Julia gave me was exceptional, I felt loose and much less tight particularly in the areas that cause me so much trouble. Its extremely beneficial that Julia is also a runner because she can immediately understand and relate to problems faced by runners. My runner the morning after my massage felt great, my hamstrings and calves felt more relaxed and loose which made for a very enjoyable run. I highly recommend Julia as a massage therapist because she is exceptionally good at her craft and she has a warm, welcoming and embracing personality. Thank you Julia!!!!

Carol  Buonanno: Ultramarathoner

I am an average half-marathon runner with less than average hamstrings. My chronically tight hamstrings had been feeling extra-sticky lately and were having a very detrimental effect on my running, and even my walking. I went to Julia, who put together a mix of Thai massage with myofascial release for me - after just 90 pain-free minutes, I feel like she miraculously rid me of my major adhesions. After Julia fixed me, I ran 10 amazing miles that felt like I was running on born-again legs...I never even felt like I was legs just kept going and going...I felt like I could've kept going forever. I even went out and played 18 holes of golf after that...and I'm pretty sure I was at least 5-8 yards longer from the upper body work she did on me too. It's now a few days later, and I still feel awesome. Thank you Julia!!! :D 

Daniel Alter: JD


"There's a lot of good things I can say about Julia and I'll start with the fact her massages are amazing! As frequent marathoner, I've had my share of injuries rear their ugly heads but thanks to Julia’s knowledgeable hands, they never lingered. She managed to staved them off injuries and eliminate nagging sore spots completely. Julia knows massage therapy and she knows the body from head to toe. I wouldn't trust my aches and pains to anyone else and I recommend her to athletes everywhere."

Paul Arroyo: Ultramarathoner & Triathlete

"Julia is a great massage therapist! I have been enough lucky to receive several different types massages from her including Thai and Swedish. She is willing to walk you though what she is doing and help you understand why/how re: anything that might be hurting you. I am a runner and she knew exactly what I needed to have worked on to loosen me up for my next Race! I would highly recommend Julia to anyone who does any type of exercise!"

Cary Kelly: Marathoner


Love her!! Love her energy! Love her running experience!! Love the time she takes giving back to others!! Love how much she really cares about runners and wants to give as much information to help as possible! Love her healing powers!! Do I need to say anymore?!

Karen Murray: Marathoner


Hi Julia...I'm still in awe of the beautiful healing energy I received from you today ... physically, emotionally and mentally. Thank you for sharing your special gift with me. 
Jill knight

Julia is a wonderful massage therapist - healer of both body and mind. She has truly helped me to become a better runner and, I hope, a better person, by encouraging me to be a \'super-hero version\' of myself. I highly recommend Julia to any runner out there looking to improve their performance, recovery and mental strength.

Henrietta Aitken: 3:09 Marathoner

"Julia is skilled, intuitive, personable, professional and unquestionably one of the best practitioners to have ever worked on me. I have been a massage therapist and serious runner for over 30 years, so I know a good body worker when I meet one.

Jerry Dunn: Race Director, Marathoners, Ultramarathoner, Legend 

I can't think of how to properly thank you for the impact your encouragement to schedule another marathon and your conversation has had on my life. The excitement for the race is building with my confidence as training continues.  My two sessions with you left me feeling the next days like I was floating. Fully relaxed and at ease with myself. The sessions enabled me to ramp up my mileage and focus on my goals rather than aches and pains. Thank you!



Julia is passionate about running (having completed 154 marathons) and brings her knowledge to bear in her massage work.  She has been an incredible asset in my healing and return to running.  I tore both hamstrings at the attachment this spring and reached out to Julia for help in healing. She tailors her work to what your body needs and can handle.  I have seen her weekly since then and am lining up for the NYC marathon Sunday feeling great.  Despite her petite build, she is super strong for really deep tissue and also great at taking preventative measures with a lighter touch.  Basically, I beat myself up each week and she sets me straight and is a key component of my recovery. Not sure what I would do without her.  She is incredible!

Karen de Saint Phalle : D1 Collegiate Runner, All American, Marathoner

 Julia is a rare treasure.  Her knowledge, techniques, extensive running experience and calm wisdom make her an incredible massage therapist, especially for athletes.  She performs massage with care and  precision.  She addresses any aches I have, known and unknown to me, leaving me feeling physically improved and refreshed after a massage in ways I can't quite describe.  Julia keeps me running and delivers real results--for body, mind and spirit!

Whynde Kuehn: Ultramarathoner



Julia! I wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work on my planter fascia last week. I ran a great 5k on Sunday and while I didn't PR, it was the first time in a long time that my foot wasn't hurting during the run.  Thank you!!!

James Soohoo CSCS: NewRo Runner; marathoner, strength and conditioning coach


I adore Julia! She is not only incredibly knowledgeable and expert in massage and resolves my aches and pains but she educates me about preventive and restorative care as a runner. Julia is also exquisitely attuned to what the body, mind and soul require during massage sessions. There is no other massage like Julia's!

Gayle Striar Herman: Marathoner

That was the most amazing massage experience I have ever had! I want to thank you so much. I feel stronger, balanced and even more motivated for forward motion. ❤️❤️ thank you!



Julia is an amazing massage therapist. I've seen her on a few occasions. What I really like as an endurance athlete is she really understands the what's, where's and how's to take care of runners, ultra runners, and triathletes. 

Jeffrey Kline: Ironman


PNW Peeps treat yourself. Look no further for the BEST massage therapist. Portland, OR is lucky to have NYC native, Julia relocated, bringing her amazing massage skills to you! I know I was blown away.

Sabrina Seher: Ultramarathoner, Business Owner of Super Pacers, Super Studios, and Coaching by Super

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